Monday, January 7, 2019

Arlene Corwin writes

Why I Left You

I’ve tried to figure out the reason
Why I left you.
Blazoned on my brain’s your treason.
It was that you used to anger,
Flaring up out of the blue,
Which caused me in its turn to smart,
To cry; finally flare up too.
And then you’d stop, expecting that
I’d been uninfluenced by what
Occurred - what we’d been through.
But I’d been changed that little bit,
No longer trusting it
Or you.
The issues were so small, so weeny;
You’d become a monster meany –
And irrational, to boot.
I, with not so high IQ as you
But with integrity my root,
Stood out no more
And closed the door;
And after eighteen years of shouting,
Pouting, sometimes clouting,
Locked my heart and walked on out.

Never have I felt remorse,
Or even housed the slightest doubt.
I’m back to where my nerves are healed,
Since I know now what caused the rift.
The truth about our strife revealed,
My brain has got that little lift
To justify the shift.
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Two to Tango -- Kevin Grass

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