Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Rik George writes & draws


H is for Hellebore, 
The hyena from Hackensack
Who bore a burden of heavy heartache.
For Hellebore had loved Herodias, 

A hyena from Hyannisport, 
With all of her heart and all of her soul. 
Herodias, the cad, renounced all matrimony, 
And hied him to Hawaii 
To do the hula for hordes of hungry Hungarians. Hellebore hung her head in sorrow 
And heaved a heavy sigh and died. 
Her spirit haunts the highways of Hackensack Hunting Herodias, the cad, who never came back.

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  1. The Dutch West India Company settled the area across the North river (now known as the Hudson) from New Amsterdam (the modern lower Manhattan part of New York) in the 1630s. In 1665 Oratam, sachem of the Lenni Lenape, deeded the land along the Achinigeu-hach ("Ackingsah-sack") river (meaning "stony ground"), but the British took the area 2 years later. Governor Philip Carteret of East Jersey renamed the village New Barbadoes, its name until 1921, but it informally retained the name of Hackensack. East and West Jersey were amalgamated as New Jersey in 1702. The city has 79.69 mi (128.25 km) of roadways, and is crossed by Interstate Highway 80, Stae Routes 17 and 4, and County Route 503.

    Hyannisport is part of Hyannis, 1 of the 7 residential villages that make up Barnstable, Massachusetts (the largest community on Cape Cod). Named after Barnstaple, England, a town in Devon, Barnstable was founded in 1638, 1 of the 1st towns in Plymouth Colony. It has been a leading tourist area since the late 19th century.


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