Friday, December 28, 2018

Ken Allan Dronsfield writes

The Grasp of Winter

Light reflecting off a shard 

an exploding stellar nebula.

I still search for a guiding light.

inflections from rainbows behest 

inspiration or an embryonic memory.

the guiding light flickers.

casting shadowed thoughts

from the nights infernal quarks.

the guiding light...a dull orb.

In the dark flavor of winter's solstice 

gnawing at the depth of sanity within.

bare trees permeate the landscape

cabin fever reeks of black and white.

piles of fodder litter the hills.

A light reflects off a shard

an exploding stellar nebula.

twinkles in a foggy pallid haze

an albino raven lands 

upon the bare branch.

winter's grip devours

a warm guiding light.
Image result for albino crow paintings
White Raven -- Brady Lee

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