Friday, January 6, 2017

Micheal Ace writes

I don't like it when the sun shines
For it touches my skin where it easily breaks
I don't live it when the rain bows
For that reminds me how I lost my colours to white and black wars
I don't pick my fun on roses
They sound your steps the night you left

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I don't sing the songs you sang
They beat my eyes to the rhythm of flamey tears
I don't remember how I kissed your lips
It draws my mind into the colony of fluffs
I don't sell my nostrils to roses
For they smell your coat when it died into thin air

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I don't see the stars at night
They stain my eyes with the letters of your name
I don't watch the breezes whisper
They sail me across your ocean of promises
I don't lose my glimpse to roses
They steal your fragrance, and draw wet wrinkles upon my face

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I don't witness the seductions of your silence
They steal my lane and leave me to the race
I don't strain my sight searching for your shadow
It left the night you wished we never met
I don't write roses in my verses
For they spell sweet but sound sour

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