Wednesday, January 4, 2017

James Lee Jobe writes

such a price we pay for life - suffering and death. my friend, i am a simple man, and that is enough for me. at the end of this life i intend to open the dark door and walk swiftly through it. and yet, i do love living as a human being on this earth. all of it, the cycles and patterns of season and weather, and the cycles and patterns of happiness and sorrow as well. we pay for the good with that which is more difficult. we pay for joy and life with suffering and death. it's a balance. we move in vast and fantastic spirals through an expanding universe and at the end of it we arrive at the dark door, and there is no turning back. and my place here is to find a language with which to praise and give thanks. i am a simple man, and that is enough for me. 
 Man opening door to sky
 Man Opening Door to Sky -- Tim Teebken

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