Monday, January 2, 2017

Indunil Madhusankha writes

The City

 The reedy rattle of wallowing machines 
 thundering in spacious factories 
 The labyrinth of roads, convoluted 
 Hungry bulldozers wolfing mountainous lands 
 Torrential quarrel of vehicles 
 rolling, reeling, plunging and circling 
 in the whirlpool of traffic jam 
 The honking of horns and the clangour of
 iron blocks, 
 repeating relentlessly 
 Everywhere the giant concrete edifices 
 twinkling with miscellaneous adornments 
 Ladies and gentlemen with their little ones 
 haunting every nook and corner
 In two or three trees, almost dried, 
 and remaining uncut beside the road,
 the leaves had gone the darkest grey in colour 
 and were dotted with black specks 
 Hidden dangers ominously lurking everywhere 
 in this maze
 The city swollen with slurs, worsening, 
 Slurs of what?
 They are beyond comprehension 
 The very comprehension muddling at the 
 spurious radiance of gilding filigree

 Image result for dirty urban landscape painting

 Dirty Landscape -- Andrey Malykh

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