Monday, January 9, 2017

Dorin Popa writes


from the flower suddenly grown in front of me
I turn my look in fear
– I am not prepared for this event…

and I still wonder  “who leads my steps ”
now when my deeds with submission I welcome

– perhaps in somebody else’s place I presented myself
perhaps I came in a different zodiac than mine
perhaps someone, out-of-his-mind, every night, calls me
and asks for his signs that I sadly embrace
oh, what if there is someone else suffering what is meant
for me to endure?

perhaps someone does mix up everything
and my blood cries in foreign veins
and I exist, strangely, in a foreign body,
and my whole destiny
under falling stars unfolds…

an awful guilt I bear on my back
there is nothing else outside of it

 Haywire -- Porsche Brosseau

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