Monday, June 1, 2020

Monika Ajay Kaul writes

Life Finds a way..!!

Don't lose your smile, my dear..
The sun still rises and flowers bloom,
uncanny night ensues misread days. 
That's how, life finds a way.

Don't let your laughs wane,  my love..
The droplets dance on the wings of clouds.
Ah! Hear the rain, not a single drop going astray.
And see, life finds a way.

Don't let your eyes lose the sheen, dear..
The horizon burns to see sky shine,
when east waits for the blazing sunray.
Just watch, life finds a way.

Don't let your tender heart change, lovely..
See, how the clement wind sways the harvest,
yet the earth footholds it without a pay.
And.. life finds a way.

Let no smiles be taken..
Life at each moment finds a way.. 
till time has a say.

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