Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Inam Hussain Mullick writes

Summer is My Faithful Dog or a Few Somersaults for Our Time or Let’s Talk Religion

dead pigeons
laze in the courtyard,
why do you preach
of the darkness?

the handler
of odd jobs
smokes a cigarette
and speaks to birds in bird-whistle.

at the diffident
a plaintive rose
the sky and demands God's attendance

night grows
and my mind ballets between embers
and wet clouds

queen bee, matriarch
is my faithful dog
and I love my enemy;

I explore the wind's memories
and discover violet songs—
secret bougainvillea
ballads. I compare
cultural metaphors
in moon's feverish gardens.

while the war
wounds the sky,
we hold on to each other
and kiss
in the market
of poison,
market of puzzles.

my fears
have changed
to acceptance.

I have opened my doors
to starlit angels
broken dangerous and beautiful
they say God floats
above all slime.

ants and angels
lift the sun’s corpse.

your eyes are fairytale boats,
I have loved them so long
that it hurts,
my desire for you
and cracks
passion's blue

sleep upon my chest,
we'll build gardens
and bamboo huts.

to cure the skin
they applied an embrocation,
but soon the lie was
the lotion left them burnt and dying;

in the mountains
the heart is a bowl of light,
in angelic time

I am too small to speak of God
or beauty and anguish,
you took long
to know God,
the plan is a mystery and a miracle,
I know God since the time my soul was created
and every moment of mine
is a genuflexion—
but remember, pilgrim
we are always equals.

the limbs
of the night
stretch like tired dogs,
lovers and rebels meet,
one remembers
the room abreast the school playground
where one thought
a ghost

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