Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Inam Hussain Mullick writes & paints

 hyacinths and the science of protons

Earth's angels in love. Dancing. Landscapes melting. Raining. Flight of the queen. Protons inside my navel. A science of beauty.

Leap. Reveal. Kiss me deeper. Movement of the tongue. Life. Before. Afterwards. Stretch, stretch your arms. Action. Ghosts again. Lust and fish. Caught inside endless suns. Set free in magic and prayer. Trust jazz. Mountains around your soft skull. Caves of light. Hyacinths in her hair, now wet again. Inside a love taxi, in spring. Sleeping. Jokermen. Truths. Lens. Naked sex spirits. Light through distant trees. Stone dead night. Warm my eyes. Glittering vagina. Your skin becomes time. I learn to control space and spaces.

When she speaks, the voice falls in droplets from the fifth dimension, and it's angelic. Light and muscles. Jungles. Wet roses.