Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Sahaj Sabharwal writes


You are behind every carefully checked step of my life,
Along with my mother who is your wife.
Without your help I was not able to work rife,
And my life would resemble cutting pebble with blunt knife.

Every step of mind is under the supervision of your eyes,
While taking decisions,  you are so wise.
Following your advice,
My performance subsequently rise.

You fulfilled every requirement of mine,
Even before it was demanded my cine.
You provided me healthy, delicious meal even before you dine,
For me you have made everything fine.

I am so glad,
By God's grace, to have such a great dad. 
In your presence, no one can feel sad, 
And what you want from me is just a tad.

Now it's time to make you feel proud, 
That's all my inner voice saying so loud.
And also in a peaceful, royal place away from huge crowd, 
After all, making a confidently, relaxed rout.

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