Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Arlene Corwin writes

Hasty & Superficial
I’ve written this before, 
A point of view I can’t discard 
And never lose. 
In this case, I might call it Facebook Blues. 
It’s all about the “Like.”
A poet or contributor of any sort 
Who spends a precious effort  
Fashioning, engendering, producing with his heart 
And every other body part, 
The aim to share,  
Wants dearly to see evidence that you out there 
Nice to see one’s liking - 
Pleasant - nothing more. 
Affable and friendly, but with shortage of, disappointingly 
Engagement and participation, 
Feeling not that one is seen 
On, in and in between 
Each line, each stroke, 
Each application neither joke nor smoke 
But stoked with every second’s sweat. 
Do you get it?
Will you change, go deep,  
Steep yourself in what’s before you 
And react with depth’s sincerity? 
Once again, I thank you,  
Arlene Corwin.

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