Saturday, March 21, 2020

John Tustin writes


I wish you were drunk with me now
And we were lying in our bed
While the music played.

The cold outside seeping in
Through the cracks,
Our bodies, our blankets, our kisses warm.

I wish it was before
I knew all I know now.
I wish that

I saw the shooting star and wished
I was not the me I am tonight.
Then I wished you were the you I saw one time,

One time a few years ago
When you refused to answer your phone
That rang, rang, rang

And we made love until you cried with joy,
The devil in your eye,
The angel in your heart,

The wings upon your feet,
The liquor in your veins,
Our tune on your lips.

The world was out there
With blood spilling down along her every hill,
Where we were nothing but casualties to the daylight

So for that one night you locked the door,
Unclasped the hooks
And exposed yourself to only me.

We were not an inconvenience
But a tesseract where it was us inside,
At every angle and sharpened corner.

I wish I was drunk right now,
My eyes a sheen of idolizing wetness,
Imagining us drunk right now.

I wish I was the me
I could be if you wanted
And I wish that you were the you

That you were brave enough to be
The night you let your phone remain unanswered
And we made love so well that you cried.

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