Wednesday, March 18, 2020

David Russell writes

Oh super-scholar: why did it come to this?
Your pain-probings threw you out of the shelter of your texts, to penetrate the world. Yours was the final oscillation, a composite of all rulers’ gyroscopes – in-rooted, drawn up through the spread and conquered, wisping between and behind the justice-talk that toughened me up for retrospective labour. Whose was the coil that cracked the split and set the moving minds into the facing hemisphere – who stayed, who undermined all?
Who do they think they are – trying to force a spatial spread of static faith? Ambassadors I rarely met, new fauna celebrated, making all texts so globular and ubiquitous. Could there be a Calvin or restraint, programming God-men’s whims?
After all, as I see it now with my biography, ancestorless with inherited momentum – they, afterwards, the unacknowledging generation, jumped every hurdle of mutability – Gods now, earthly-solidified, life’s pyramid-points and ziggurat-flats leading to another shelled spirit.
Should they really have forgotten eternity when their senses were most directly applied? It is all pushing in a circle; no-one gets out of either part to identify with one part exclusively – not even you, super-scholar travelling in essence with virgin parchments, clean margins, all in nature, except in men, the paralysing God clinically contained, to follow on from the state of paralysis to spaces that paralysis prepared.
Build, start from blocks and go to symbols disarranged into solidity, into their ultimate chemical instruments – knowing death is no longer available – feel it, ball it, round it off – far beyond the reach of mathematics.
It can help anticipate organic fractures, all penetrations – pre-programmed for millennia what will be shared in anticipation, in concept and goal, takes off all positive nothings – even denies irrevocable loneliness, reduces big things to their cellular components – the option of withdrawal available because someone else is there, can never be made absent – for no-one is as strong as that with everyone – even one, not even one, one could not make it, even if mollecular awareness penetrated its discoverer, even if . . . 

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