Wednesday, March 18, 2020

David Allen writes


The neurologist read slowly from a list:
Unclear thoughts
Inaccurate perception
Poor judgment 
Poor memory
Impaired communication
Sleep disturbance
Inability to follow directions 
Mood fluctuations

“That's my son, all right,”
I said to myself.
Bad friends with bad drugs
led to a brain seizure.
A vein split open spurting 
blood into his skull.
Bruised sections died,
inducing a fortnight coma;
partial paralysis followed.
He awoke slowly, 
it took months to regain
feeling and use of his left side.
But he was improving.

"So, is that all?" I asked the doc.
"Another couple of months
For the brain to heal?"

The doc shook his head,
Smiling slightly.
"I wish I could say yes," he said. 
"But you have to think
In terms of years.

The brain heals slowly.
It's not like breaking a bone
or pulling a muscle.
There's no healing what's dead.
The brain has to find routes 
around what's damaged 
and find  new connections."

I left the room
with inner tears.
The trauma drama
 will last for years.

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