Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Arlene Corwin writes


Don’t do it! Do not replicate!
We all are influenced. We duplicate.
But you are you,
Creating you anew each time you say or do:
Be true to it!
Each bit that comes from hands or mouth
Must be authentic.
Whatever else a main road to unhappiness,
Impatience, and the opposite of blessedness
(whatever that is.)

There is no other you.
A funny face, untied shoelace,
Your life anomalous
Which no one comprehends.

That’s fine! An understanding
Is not all that it’s made out to be.
We ourselves don’t grasp the each and every,
Do not take it in and don’t quite savvy…
Not everything depends on being canny.
All depends on being you,
True to the soul-whole you were born with,
Born to find, for after all we’re all born blind;
We need to spend the years becoming 
When we’re meant to be, 
Which freshness means originality:
          - I N A L - I T                       
And finally, 
Big -Y.
*Replication; An exact copy of
Image result for cloning paintings
Cloning -- Vladimir Petro

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