Friday, December 7, 2018

June Calender writes

Little Tree

The little maple tree
young and unused 
to “how things are”
stood red as fire
dressed to call attention
to her beauty.
Her fate was to stand
alone in a small clearing
in the forest
on the mountainside.
She trembled delicately
in the cool dawn breeze
still in the shadow
of older and taller trees.
When the sun claimed
the clean, cloudless sky
warm golden fingers
touched the crown of her head,
moved downward
The leaves began to fall
as they were touched.
They rained directly down
mounding at her feet
like a robe dropped
When the day’s light
bathed the entire tree
she stood naked
as a concubine
prepared for the Emperor’s
 El pas del temps [Over time] --Francesc Estall

 Nude under a Pine Tree, Pablo Picasso

 Nude Under a Pine Tree -- Pablo Picasso

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