Monday, December 10, 2018

Arlene Corwin writes

Ought One Bathe In Sorrow?

Ought one bathe in sorrow,
Or let sorrow fade
Without a fading ‘way in sorrow?

Ought one bathe in sorrow
Or let sorrow fade
Transformed to something other?
Smother sorrow
Or coordinate its feelings
Into strength that lies within?
You understand, you reader you,
A needy ego never breaks away
From its own needy skin. 

In sorrow one can reach inchmeal
Brand-new, unfamiliar  skills
Horizons, wisdom, will, 
Of the fragile individual condition;

Knowledge that the sun comes up and sets,
Knowing from itself what gets
It going, glowing, showing up for us to use
With gifts that never lose their power,
Showering the donor
And receiver.

Sorrow time is time for seeing; 
For relating in-  to  outer;
Sorrow has a duty
To reshape activity,
See what’s truly
The wholeness of it all.

Sorrow time is time to tell
The difference between what you know
From what you don’t until
A time when you are there one (unimagined)  day
When you know all.

Ought one to bathe in sorrow?
No and no and no.
Lady In The Water Painting - Pool Of Sorrow by Iris Forbes
Pool of Sorrow -- Iris Forbes

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