Monday, March 19, 2018

Arlene Corwin writes

Reading Others

Often thinking everybody’s poem
Is better than my own -
Far from the verbal picture I could paint:
What is my special talent?
I say everything prosaically.
Images in poetry?
My own a metered verb, a rhyme;
A sense of time.
An adjective simplicity,
A minimum of story. 
Words new-fangled,
Turds of fancy.
Often shrewd, astute and canny.
But old-fashioned as a nanny;
New and true and unlike prose,
Not a dose of gross chaos,
My inner liberation says,
Nearly, almost, mostly, more or less ‘all goes’
Yes, “Anything Goes”
Not prose, not chaos comatose,
As of this moment, I accept that
I am worthy too, of being read by others.

I don't know if putting poetry on Facebook as well as other sites daily is constructive or a bother. I know that I tire of receiving so and so's renewed photos and descriptions of their daily life. With the poetry it's more a desire to get out into the world with something thoughtful and hopefully, universal. A social service, one might say. Do let me know in some way if the former or latter is true. I'm never sure about this - whether it's only a ruse of the ego or if it's what all artists are made for. 

[In response Arlene received feedback which prompted an immediate poetic response.]

Somewhere In The World
(Someone Is Reading What You Write)

Somewhere in the world
Someone is reading what you write.
I sent a book to someone who has never read a verse.
She telephoned this morning – expensive and long distance
Just to share in her delight;
That it was first, her very first
Poem to traverse the deserts
Of her heretofore quite undefined
Poetic mind.
Think happily!
Think positively!
Think! Feel encouraged
That your message courts a marriage
Between you and them
To last a time,
Create a team,
Perhaps a gem
‘Cause of the simple mathematics
In view of the facts that
Somewhere in the world
Someone is reading what you write.

 The bronze marrow at Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms
Florian -- Sarah Lucas

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