Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hilary D Zamora writes and paints

The notion that addiction is this perilous monster inside one’s mind is a very real truth. It changes and confuses you, only to direct you down an abrupt and steep descent. You are at the monster’s mercy. You’ll merge with it, offering up your life, while it eats you away softly, slowly, diligently, and painfully while you are superficially distracted by it. The dark side of drugs would reveal itself in many heavy layers of ways. It couldn’t turn its back on you; it was always there for you when you needed it; you’d be sick without it. The monster is your lover, your one true friend, your deceptive soul mate. It’s the silhouette lurking in the corners of your psyche and thought. You willingly give everything for it, because your passion for escape is the one thing that is closest to your darkened heart. In essence you’re left there, revealing your sinister core. ~Hilary D Zamora


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