Monday, October 31, 2016

Arlene Corwin writes

A Day Of Thinking or

This Is The Way My Brain May Work On Any Given Day

           Breakfast In Bed

No one in this world

Makes thinner toast,

Better toast, winner toast.

You do not boast.

How have you learned to slice

This near-transparent, indisputably crunchy piece of bliss!

What skill! And modest too!

No one can make such toast as you.

                Going In To Thank

Going into different segments of the brain

I thank for life in any of the synapses.

Is there a gratitude partition

Or a separate, section - special one?

An all-inclusive?

I don’t always feel it – just today.

It probably will go away.

I hope it leaves a record.

          Late Afternoon

Deep, deep inside

I’m feeling tired of society.

It’s like what I imagine to be

What they call depression.

It’s connected to reality; civilization.

There’s the problem -

It’s not me, it’s them!

I ought to put away the TV (I’ve no phone)

Things electronic, dailies, monthlies,

All things histrionic;

The destructive, scandalous and shocking;

All things not-to-be: illusory.

Noel Coward wrote “World Weary” –

A light song for something serious.

Perhaps that’s it!

There still exist fall hues phantasmagorical:

Food tastes, sweet music, friends amusing, loyal,

Beauty, animals…and still I feel

Despite the goodness,

Deep, deep sadness at the mess.

Image result for synapse paintings
Synapse -- McKella Sawyer

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  1. World Weary

    When I'm feeling weary and blue, I'm only too
    Glad to be left alone
    Dreaming of a place in the sun when day is done
    Far from a telephone
    Hardly ever see the sky
    Buildings seem to grow so high
    Give me somewhere peaceful and grand
    Where all the land
    Slumbers in monotone

    I'm world weary, world weary, living in a great big town
    I find it so dreary, so dreary
    Everything looks grey or brown
    I want an ocean blue
    Great big trees
    Bird's eye view of the Pyrenees
    I wanna watch the moon rise up
    See the great red sun go down
    Watching clouds go by through a windy sky fascinates me
    But if I do it in the street every cop I meet simply hates me
    Because I'm world weary, world weary
    Tired of all these jumping jacks
    I wanna get right back to nature and relax

    I'm world weary, world weary, living in a great big town.
    I find it so dreary, so dreary,
    Everything looks grey or brown.
    I want a horse and plow, chickens too,
    Just one cow with a wistful moo,
    A country where the verb "to work"
    Becomes a most improper noun
    I can hardly wait till I see the great open spaces.
    My loving friends will not be there I'm so sick of their damned fool faces
    Because I'm world weary, world weary,
    I could kiss the railroad tracks,
    I wanna get right back to nature,
    Assume a horizontal stature,
    I wanna get right back to nature and relax.

    -- Noel Coward


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