Friday, October 21, 2016

Heather Jephcott writes

The Beauty Of This Day

She looked inwards 
into the deep, muddled, 
woods of her heart.

She knocked into something. 
She saw a person, a face 
and then she heard words 
of recognition, of love.

The sunshine was now enabled 
bringing the brilliant colour green 
to every direction 
her twinkling eyes followed.

She ran, she spoke, she sat down. 
She now knew 
that this was a place 
where she could drink in 
and be refreshed.

Kindness was filtering in, 
the impurities washing away 
in the glorious warmth of grace.

This was a day 
when her eyes, her heart 
and her words could smile 
with a love 
that was perfect. 

 Image result for human forest painting

 Painted Forest -- Agustin Ibarrola

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