Friday, June 26, 2015

William H. Drummond writes

Faerie Lullaby

Sleep my young son
Dream faerie dreams
The day is done
Gone is the sun
Ride on the silver moonbeams

Butterfly wings
Carry you high
Beautiful things
Gossamer strings
Pull you into the night sky

Fear not the night
Faeries are friends
Fly like a kite
With all your might
Dream faerie dreams till night ends

And the faeries, they will speak to you
Deep wisdom they teach to you
And you’ll wake with their power in your heart

Sleep my young one
Dream magic dreams
The day was fun
Another one
Comes when the morning light gleams


  1. A charming little poem for little people. But like any good Pixar film, it appeals to grown-ups as well with its loose meter and short-and-long lines.

  2. I love this poem --for "kids" of all ages
    I have to baby friends I will read this to


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