Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sharon Villaverde writes

                         Nocturnal’s Elusive Dream

White ceiling, bright lights
Trying to figure out
Where is sleep all through the night
The moon is setting at the horizon
But my eyes are still awake and mind is lost
Playing hide and seek with the voices of my inner thoughts
Pen and paper, coffee and music
My constant companions
Making me feel better
Every time I am in despair.

Looking at my empty bed
Though my body is tired
Voices keep on whispering from within
A futile resistance against the waking darkness
I count stars, turn my bed upside down
I search for dreams frantically
But I fall into desperation.

You're so elusive and always there
It's been a decade and I can no longer bear
My heart is riddled with sorrow and grief
Looking for answers which I cannot fathom
With these thoughts my tears flow
Why dreams you're so elusive?

Lying in bed awake
Memoir of the happiness, frustrations and despair
For regrets come hunting and loathing
A strange place to live in
I can't get to sleep tonight
I try to count the stars, pray hard
Thinking of happy dreams that will never come
To the places I wanted to go

I don't know why sleep is so elusive
But I sleep just fine while waiting for my turn
Just fine riding in a bus
Or just fine at work
But dreams are so elusive
For this nocturnal muse.

1 comment:

  1. "Regrets come hunting and loathing" is a fine phrase. But often insomnia is just an event, seemingly untriggered, Sharon captures well the frustration of not being able to sleep.


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