Friday, June 26, 2015

Vernon Mooers writes


                                   Vast and glittering
                                    lit up like a Christmas tree
                                    the skyline shimmering modern
                                    an array of aluminium and glass
                                    the designs, architectural wonders.
                                    Down by the old souq, old Bombay
                                    the touts and hawkers
                                    in the bars, Russian and Kazaks
                                       working girls.
                                    The metro, an international menagerie
                                    people from every corner of the world
                                    and the tourists flock
                                    like moths to a shining light.
                                    A city rises from the desert.


  1. You may think that Vernon's Christmas tree imagery is out of place in an un-Christian spot such as Dubai. But I know from experience that Christmas itself is a major sales promotion period even in countries like Japan and Thailand where the Christian population is minimal. Of course, it is Santa Claus rather than Jesus that gets all the attention. But the capitalist secularization of this particular religious holiday is equally applicable to the United States and elsewhere in Christendom as well, isn't it.

  2. I like this poem a lot
    I'm interested in really analyzing or feeling the line breaks
    They clearly mean something


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