Friday, June 19, 2015

Ceri Naz writes

it's happening

i find myself at the harbor
seeking refuge from the crescent moon
my mind sauntering deeply to the ocean floor
heyday of whistling waves from morning to late noon

i am a believer
once a fortress and a storyteller
i am a thief of those captivating eyes
your whispers drowning me to sleepless nights
watching over the rodeo-Romeo
dreamboats and  footage inside the uncanny le chateau

i chaste the  avalanched of snafu
meander from the longing Northpole
two passengers encroaching the winding dreams
entwined souls’ Milky Way  to passionate pilgrims


  1. Contemporary sensibility tends to disparage the sing-songy nature of older poetries. But many poets have used off-rhymes or near-rhymes as a kind of halfway house between complete poetic freedom and the prison of reactionary tradition. Notice Ceri's skillful but unobtrusive use of the device in her opening quatrain (harbor-moon/floor-noon) and the couplets that complete the poem (believer/storyteller, eyes/nights, Romeo/chateau, snafu/Northpole, dreams/pilgrims).

  2. I love the line, "sleepless nights/
    watching over the rodeo-Romeo/


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