Sunday, May 5, 2019

Amirah Al-Wassif writes

People in the huts

People in the huts waving to me every day, every night
But mental forces I have got told me that was not right
Beaming stones and comfortable zone if I still am unbelievable
Midnight lies and shortest of sight if I say it is reasonable
Oh! My brain! Could this daily scene be unreliable?

People in the huts waving to me every dark, every light
And my shocked eyes turning my thinking into a fight
Global channels, national banners talking regularly about me
Human Battles, the press covers making a fairytale about me
Oh! my soul! is this a fool
Dreaming what I see?

People in the huts waving to us every day, every night
Their clear truth at their bigger than being on a diet
Sensibility drawing here their faces without quitting
And their words silently heard, more Emotions need to be written
huts human Certainly Exist, every eye cannot be denied
Only these seeing them upset, the unfaithful eye or the blind!
Image result for gorta starving villagers paintings
Gorta -- Lilian Lucy Davidson

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  1. "Gorta" is Irish fro "hunger" or "extreme want." At the request of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, in 1965 the Poblacht na hÉireann (Republic of Ireland) established Gorta: The Freedom from Hunger Council of Ireland within the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, to raise general awareness and public support for long-term agricultural development. In 1979 it was transferred to the Department of Foreign Affairs but in 1998 it became a non-governmental organization though it retained its connection to the FAO. In 2014 it merged with Self Help Africa (a merger between the Self Help Development International and the UK agency Harvest Help in the immediate aftermath of the 1983–85 famine in Ethiopia) to become; Gorta-Self Help Africa resumed the former Self Help Africa name in 2018.


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