Thursday, May 9, 2019

Alan Britt writes


Time is a wooden match hissing.

So, brave the obstacle course of life
because whatever came around before
is coming around again.

Past & present hisses sulfur eyelashes
as wooden match wheezes like propane
absconding its vacuum welded tank
before the future arrives in a low-cut
onyx beaded gown with smoky fringe
& jade toenails tossing autumn leaves—
pomegranate maples & citrine hemlocks—
walnut hair streaked by granite waterfall
& eyes like scarabs scattered among
the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs.

There she is.

What’re you waiting for?
image Egyptian Amulet Treasure
scarab from Tutankhamun's tomb
 scarab and eye Art Print

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  1. The dung beetle (Scarabaeus sacer) lays its eggs inside animal dung and then rolls it on the ground until it becomes a smooth ball which becomes not only a shelter for its young but also provides them with food when they hatch. When the eggs hatch baby scarabs run out of the ball as though they appear out of nowhere. Thus, the scarab beetle symbolized creation, life, and rebirth and was associated with the creation god Atum. The scarab pushing its little ball around also reminded people of the sun moving across the sky: Khepri (“he who came forth”) the scarab-headed god rolled the sun across the sky during the day, then pushed it over the edge of the horizon to its death every night. The next morning Kepri would rebirth the sun by rolling it back up into the sky from the opposite horizon.


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