Saturday, May 11, 2019

Ahmad Al-Khatat writes

Tears From No Seasons, Nor Anyone Grieves

It was a beautiful dream I had this morning
And once I realized that it wasn't even real

I cried when I watched myself alone and far
From my homeland and there is no way I can

See myself in the old days running with a lot
Of energy and joys to share to my dead friends

People cry and I don't because I know one of
Them will walk me towards my grave for once

Without favour and only the fact that we will
Be meeting again in the day of faithful judgments

I woke up with tears from no seasons nor anyone
Grieves, but they were my tears from my sweet tale

Don't judge me for who am I when I drink alcohol
Judge me when I smoke my cigarette in your space

Lead me to somewhere where sun shines in real
And don't lead me to the moon without any stars

This life doesn't understand my demand anymore
Nothing big, I just want to stay and die in my dream
The Dream of Human Life, after Michelangelo -- Giulio Clovio

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