Sunday, September 9, 2018

Anoucheka Gangabissoon writes

Love's Periphery!

Deprived of Love,
The lily bloomed still!

Deprived of Love,
The river raged into a flood!

Deprived of Love,
Clouds strolled around still!

Deprived of Love,
The sun's ray burnt harsher!

Deprived of Love,
Humans echoed themselves
In blurry and misty mirrors
From which they could not
Perceive their own essence!

Why, Love matters not,
What matters and what shall ever matter
Is the path of Fate
As its skillful hand paints diligently
And patiently the course of action
Of each of Earth's facets,
From lilies to humans!

Pray, my heart does sing
And ring and even thunder
Faced with Love,
And its comfort
But locked in the glass cage
I have magically summoned for it,
It can fight not
Against Fate and its strong willpower!

Deprived of Love,
I shall reach there where I am meant to be
Deprived of Love,
I shall only let myself be guided
By Fate's strong pull
As iron is when faced with magnets
For, like everything else
I am made to be thus,
Aligning dutifully to the whims
Of those powers which I can perceive not!

Hand With Reflecting Sphere -- M. C. Escher

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