Monday, September 24, 2018

Arlene Corwin writes

I’ll Send You The Menu Or, I Like To Rhyme

I like to rhyme.
I do it all the time. 
I hear it in each idiom,
Each group of words,
Expression, phrase –
No matter what one says,
It could be innocent or dirty; -
Curd or bird or slurred or turd,
Deep or shallow, nothing’s hallowed.
I am in it
Every minute.
Oh, yes and oh no!
I’m corny,
Even when I’m horny –
Whoops!  I’m so embarrassed,
Drooping, I mean dropping my defenses,
Being scooped up by
The risqué,…
Wonder what Sig Freud would say. 
So if I may, I’ll say goodbye
Before I really
Make a donkey
Out of me,
And I.

Image result for freud dali paintings

 Cabeza de Freud (Head of Freud) -- Salvador Dalí
The Anthropomorphic Cabinet -- Salvador Dalí

"The only difference between immortal Greece and contemporary times is Sigmund Freud, who discovered that the human body, purely platonic in the Greek epoch, is nowadays full of secret drawers that only psychoanalysis is capable to open."-- Salvador Dalí

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  1. This is what Sigmund Freud said, in his seminal "Die Traumdeutung" (The Interpretation of Dreams):

    It may be imagined that in dream formation a good part of the intermediary activity, which tries to reduce the separate dream-thoughts to the tersest and simplest possible expression in the dream, takes place in ... in providing suitable paraphrase for the individual thoughts. One thought whose expression has already been determined on other grounds will thus exert a separating and selective influence upon the means available for expressing the other, and perhaps it will do this constantly throughout, somewhat after the manner of the poet. If a poem in rhyme is to be composed, the second rhyming line is bound by two conditions; it must express the proper meaning, and it must express it in such a way as to secure the rhyme. The best poems are probably those in which the poet's effort to find a rhyme is unconscious, and in which both thoughts have from the beginning exercised a mutual influence in the selection of their verbal expressions, which can then be made to rhyme by a means of slight remodification.


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