Saturday, September 28, 2019

Shamim Ara writes

You May Call It a Blasphemy

You may call it a blasphemy,
if I tell the world is cruel
when it is female,
and the weaker sex faces
some emergency case;
then it's to be judged by stronger majesty.
When it is the dark at night,
she is not allowed to go out;
she has pain, pain and pain,
she got the case for medicine,
yet nobody cares,
calls it pretended and
not to be cured at once.
You may call it a blasphemy
if I tell capitalism comes from zero,
practised between the two
and spreads...
You may call it blasphemy
if I tell capitalism lives in
men and women,
It's a never ending line
been supported by women.
 Dorşîn -- Zehra Doğa

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