Sunday, September 15, 2019

Umar Yogiza Jr writes

tonight i will write a love poem

i am not a poet
but tonight
i will write you a love poem

even though i shrank
from poverty
and ill health of words

no horror of a poem written better than
this poem, can prevent me from writing
you a love poem, tonight

no words between heaven and earth
can ferry to you, the exact i love you
i am struggling to express

the i love you that lost its meaning
is not the i love you
i am saying to you now

the i love you shattered by bad poets

is not the i love you

i am saying to you now

this i love you is clichéless, youthful
handsome and intelligent, forged by my
ironsmith pen, only for you, only for you

oh! sweet fruit of my desires
you grow in my heart like a desert tree
i remember how your words, milk and honey

lustered every sound within with beauty
with drums and songs
only heard by me, only me

how can love blossom in this
ungentle dry season heart of mine
that avoids many attempt of love?

i have to revolt against my fallacious timidity
tonight to finally say i love you
to say beloved, i love you, i love you
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-- Tomasz Alen Kopera

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