Saturday, September 28, 2019

Souradeep Sen writes

Wait for me

My love,
Wait for me by the seashores
To the mountains do I go
For conquering my soul.
Come not to find me there -
For lost will I be
Lost and in utter disrepair.
Lost intermittently for friends
Lost probably for hopes
Lost forever from the dead past -
And its dreary woes.
But never for thee,
seldom for thy part. 

Lost will I be in the woods
And to those denizens -
More to those elves of hills.
Lost to those brooks and streams
Lost among the pine and cedar
But, them would I love
less than I love thee.

Wait for me by the seas,
For when I return
To thy invitation for a swim,
Purging the wisdom and the dross
Of those alluring spirits of the hills -
Wait until this love for thee
Erupts like a spring,
Flows in myriad fountains
Flies in unbroken wings.

Wait for me, by the seashore, my love -
For return I shall, love thee, I will
Wait not just for my going under
But for the beyond going
Or wait till the seas run dry
Vapours replacing its foaming brine.
This my only promise, this my love's sign,
The eternal sanction and seal -
Till I'm dying.
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I am waiting for you -- Samacca Art

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