Saturday, September 8, 2018

Rizwan Saleem writes


My eyes wander
Over every face that I see
So that I may catch any resemblance of you
I breathe in the air
Not so for the need to live
But so I may catch somehow your fragrance
Perhaps gone astray from where you stand
I revisit the places close to your home
And reach out to touch clefts, least you ran your blessed hands on them
Over some point in time                           
My mind is spent in devising nefarious plots and schemes
To give me one good reason I could call you again
I run harder and harder
Kick start my dead beat heart
I open my chest to let in air
Dizzy with exertion
There is no art painted like you
There can be no perfume that can replicate your heavenly redolence
No feel in this life that can match your healing touch
No pain worse than your absence around me 
Interior 2 -- Nguyễn Thái Tuấn
Interior 1 -- Nguyễn Thái Tuấn

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