Saturday, September 1, 2018

Pramila Khadun writes


There is silence
In the singing of the constellations,
In the deep murmur of the waves,
In the barren beautiful deserts,
With lovely desert roses and sand dunes,
And in the temples of learning
By the mighty mountains
Where flocks of sheep graze quietly.

Sometimes, we contemplate and reminisce
Morosely with unshed tears
And think of the flamboyant spirits
Of the glorious days of our childhood
While the wind bellows far  away,
There is silence
Masking the melancholy
With its soft and warm hands.

At other times, to much purity and morality
Amidst the sounds and shadows of life,
Too many feelings of insecurity,
With threatened comfort zones,
Do create a silence
That makes us feel like
A harp without strings.

When passions are unbridled,
There is silence,
When two lovers meet,
There is silence.
When two lovers kiss,
There is silence.
There is silence in the smile,
Silence in the act of love-making
And silence in the waiting
And the longing as well.
There is silence everywhere.
Silently, all beautiful things are created
And silently appreciated.
Silence is not only gold,
It is something much beyond that.
Silence is silence, gracefully silent.
Rafal Olbinski, Tales of Love (A harp)
Tales of Love (A harp) -- Rafal Olbinski

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