Wednesday, September 5, 2018

James Babbs writes

Baby Rabbits in the Front Yard

after I chased the mother away
they came squirming out of the hole
four or five of them
all in a panic
I was holding the shovel
but I didn’t have what it takes to hurt them
I went back into the house
and kept looking out the window
to see if the mother would return
but I never saw her again
in the morning
before heading off to work
I checked the nest again
but the rabbits were gone
I don’t know if the mother
came back and moved them
or if they just drifted away on their own
if some night creature found them
I had my windows open all night
but I never heard anything
Hiroshige, Untitled (Two Rabbits, Pampas Grass, and Full Moon), 1849 - 1851
Two Rabbits, Pampas Grass, and Full Moon -- Utagawa Hiroshige

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