Sunday, September 9, 2018

Jack Scott writes

Purple Mud

It’s sad to see mountains come to their knees 

then crawl toward the seas, 
grinding and ground, 
horizontal hourglass 
of centuries and sand 
fattening the shorelines, 
diluting in the seas.

Atlantis made a purple mud; 

royalty hath no privilege 
wen it’s running out of blood.

If mountains fall 

it’s a wonder 
anything stays up at all.
Image result for atlantis purple mud paintings
Richat Structure -- Christoph Hormann 

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  1. The Qalb ar-Rīšāt is a 40-km (25-mi)diameter dome near Ouadane, Muritanya, in the Sahara desert. It is sometimes called the eye of Africa. According to Platon, Atlantis, the island of Atlas, was created by Poseidon the sea god, "making alternate zones of sea and land, larger and smaller, encircling one another; there were two of land and three of water, which he turned as with a lathe out of the center of the island, equidistant every way, so that no man could get to the island, for ships and voyages were not yet heard of." In the end, "there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune ... [Atlantis] disappeared in the depths of the sea. For which reason the
    sea in those parts is impassable and impenetrable, because there is a shoal of mud in the way; and this was caused by the subsidence of the island." Platon referred to a mountain sheltering the city in the north (as the Atlas Mountains shelter the structure) and "a great plain of an oblong shape in the south." The city was "in front of the Pillars of Hercules" (Gibraltar) and measured 127 stadia (23.49 km). Platon composed "Timaeus" and "Critias" in 360 BCE as a festival speech on the day of the Panathenaea, in honor of the goddess Athena. They describe a meeting of men who had met the previous day to hear Sokrates describe the ideal state. Critias reported that he owned a manuscript his great-grandfather Dropidas had received from Solon, who had learned about Atlantis during his sojourn in Egypt and had intended to write a poem about it.


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