Thursday, February 15, 2018

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo writes and draws

The Veil of Enigma
It is said that twin flames meet endless times,
In fragments of memories of different lifetimes

Their souls reincarnate and their paths cross magically through Destiny.

You’re an enigma waiting to happen to me

A lurking shadow in my dream within a dream,

Vividly reminiscing your face as those deep set, sullen eyes

Only have this longing stare for me.

Beyond time and space, this thin veil that envelopes

The mystery behind my long search for you

Will reveal that no matter how many times my earthly body dies

My spirit will never cease to find you.

Even when I’ll be put to the ultimate tests,

The veil of enigma surrounding your existence

Brings an undying thrill to my senses.

No, I will not tire of finding my Beloved

Even if it takes me from one world to another,

There is a distinct sweet echo from the mere sound of your voice

Leaving this heart helpless in such ways one cannot fathom,

And the first time my eyes met yours

Feels like lounging in a never-ending story of fantasy

For it is just you who possess this magic that enthralls me;

The only one who ignites this burning flame  

To heed the call of the Spirit of a Hundred Names.