Monday, October 5, 2015

Hilary D Zamora writes and paints

 "The ongoing battle was this twisted miscreation, falling somewhere between a throbbing infatuation with the drugs, an electrical current of self-loathing, a dangerous need for escape, and a deep, intense longing for the indifference the drugs encouraged. In retrospect, the blackness swallowed me, the bleak, all-encompassing, dismal fortitude; my addiction maliciously attempted but failed to erase the hopelessness, the rage, the depression. This foggy braid of emotions combined made up my scrambled viewpoint. They molded into each other like a magnified visual of a solitary strand of DNA. Within the expanse of my yearning all I ever wanted was to vanish, because my emotions were overwhelming and I'd lost myself a long time ago." ~Hilary D Zamora

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