Thursday, October 1, 2015

Arlene Corwin writes

                                                     I Love Talent

                           I  love talent!

I just love talent!

Talent is an ace,

A grace –

A freebee,


Something that you get for nothing;

Something that’s a bank, a chest

Of treasures

And a toolbox all-in-one.

What next, and

How to reach it,

Find and turn it

From a talent

To a skill?  Still more,

Teach it

How to be its best?

Talent’s quest as guest of soul:

Soul butler and handmaiden.

I love toiled refinement

And the balance of alignment;

Risk of pain,

Of world’s disdain:

A talent in itself –

And I love talent.


  1. What? No comments? Surely you out there must have feelings about talent. Even no-talent!


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