Thursday, August 6, 2015

Simon Leake writes


Say something positive.
“This truly is the end.”

How many boots
for these souls to fill?

How many fields
the disciple must till?

How many seeds
to plant for the mill?

How many men
for the soldier to kill?

How many lives
to account for the bill?

How many lies
so that we can tell?

How many times
before the last pill?

Say something positive.
“My love, it truly never ends.”

1 comment:

  1. "To fill one's boots" (with the implication of taking as much of something as possible) is such a common phrase that it seems like it must be a reference to an ancient saying, but it seems to be of recent origin (mid-20th century) as a lower-deck invitation to any meal. On the other hand, Jesus commented (in Matthew 6:26 and in Luke 12:24) that birds (specifically ravens) do not sow or reap but still have their needs taken care of by God. Some plants are grown for their oil, especially by grinding their seeds in a mill (canola oil, for example, which is a rapeseed developed in Canada -- CANoil, get it?-- named after the Irish inventor of the harp, who noticed the sound made by wind blowing through the exposed sinews of a beached whale).


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