Saturday, August 1, 2015

Satya Pattnaik writes


To shine alone
I Invited the sky and mind
Submitted all the condensed night
Sublime words I plucked with utmost care from the garden of stars
In between wants and desires
I burnt like a holy fire
Counted the rhythms of life
Touched the chords of heart
Flowed the soul inside

But to my utter surprise
Thorns like egotism sprang up
From within and stabbed my thoughts, bled it up
Impregnated my words by evil doers
Coughed entire night with the passion of blue

From that day still am struggling
With the heaviness and congestion of cold self

Yes I have decided now to shoot
The evil doers with every cup of my tea and coffee
With my every twist and turn
And build the house of words to shine alone.


  1. Such wise and deep poetry written by this Poet and this is simply rich for the mind body and spirit filled with provacative truth and delight

    1. Pamela, in my original comment on this post, which somehow never nade it into the comments section -- did I forget to push the PUBLISH button?-- I suggested that Sattya took us readers on a journey away from egoism (beginning with the "I stand alone" beginning) to a more universal goal (in which "the house of words" stands alone). Welcome to this forum!

  2. I am very much thankful to you for publishing my poem in your blog.Truly I am honoured.


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