Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ogedengbe Tolu Impact writes

The door of timidity has been closed
The key of clarity has been unlocked
Even the mysteries have been unfolded
And our minds are fully prepared.
Yes, we are prepared and determined
Brave, willing and ready
To climb these mountains to the top
And undauntedly, we won't give up.
Even if stormy tides are rising and falling
Or winds of challenges are forcefully blowing
Yet, we will stand and face the trial
And passionately, we will keep climbing
We won't surrender our ambitions
To any obstacle or oppression
And because God is our companion
We are assured of our destination.


  1. A pattern of inconsistent rhyming marks this poem, The first stanza's lines end not so much in rhymes as assonance, each line ending in a D sound. (And that is true for the first line of the the next verse also, making five lines straight.)The rhyming really begins with the couplet that closes the second stanza.The third verse has three lines that end in ING, and in the fourth every line ends with ION. So, an interesting pattern emerges: The first verse has 0 rhymes, the second has 2, the third has 3, and the fourth has 4.

  2. This is an inspirational poem because we're all going to make it to the mountain top no matter the storms or difficulties that we may encounter along the way. We will sure make it there. This very concise and clear. Nice job, poet.


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