Sunday, August 2, 2015

David Norris writes

Hyun Joo’s Lover

She brings flowers on Sundays
Places them in your vase
Her body a glowing amber lamp
Her hair red gold against your pillow

She laughs at your nonsense
Listens intently to your stories
Cooks foods you cannot name
Strawberries in cream for dessert

And then she loves you again
Laughing before she kisses you
Knowing you will not meet
Like this until next week

Later, she makes the bed, smoothes out
The wrinkles, leaves the scent of roses

1 comment:

  1. Although this is "free verse, it is not as free as it appears. Structurally it uses a subtle inverse imagery to emphasize its purpose. It starts with FLOWERS and ends with ROSES; from flowers it goes to PILLOW, before roses it makes the BED; the second stanza LAUGHS and cannot NAME, the third stanza is both LAUGHING and KNOWING. And thus we understand the poem.


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