Monday, May 18, 2020

Ahmad Al-Khatat writes


When will I rest well from overthinking 
I have blinded the daylight in my sights 
I even paralyzed all steps to my objective 
because I have been the blues in my deafness 

When will I rest in peace from awful mouths 
I ceased to exist between everyone I know it 
I started to support the fight against poverty 
unexpected death, and money with bloodstains 

When will I learn myself to nothing but to rest 
My wordless spirit is an immensely tragic story 
It made my heart wonder what I would’ve done 
--if I will have the strength to ignore my longing to 

Before everywhere I go, I hear continuous outcries 
But presently I see the sunshine with birds singing 
This quarantine makes me think as we are all given 
another bet, to heal what we have ruined before...

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