Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Arlene Corwin writes

Everything (Is) A Point In Space 2020

Everything is a point in space, 
Related to a point in space; 
Nothing far,
Nothing near, 
All things relative to here 
Or there or then.
Not just to where or when - 
Or yes, how long.

Tonality’s keynote song 
Has contrast-worth,  
All on earth non-absolute.

Enter point, enter center, 
No obstructing interceptor 
But a  center and a center of said centers,
(even centers have a center 
As a point in space 
Un-erased by laws of time).

At the root, I have surmised, 
There is no friction and no bias. 
Or is it a pious fiction,
Science fiction’s pie-in-sky?

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