Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia writes


From where
Does that hard cold core come
Which defines you?
Yes I can be cruel
Even deliberately, knowingly,
In calculated words
But that is when I am blazingly angry
When my space is violated
When people act unknowing of their own privilege
Blindly bigoted
Blasè with entitlement
Make commandlike requests
Barge poke probe stare
Are insensitive
Are cruel
I lash out
I do not nurse grudges
I block people
I throw them out
I do not sneer
I fight a clean fight
You can see me fighting
See my weapons
See my cause
On my escutcheon
My heart
On my sleeve
I am not duplicitous
I am not tactful
I don’t mull poison
I don’t brew hatred
I don’t breed gall
Wert thou my enemy, O my dear friend,
What wouldst thou worse?
My anger is temporary
Your coldness is permanent 

The waste hurts 

For in the end
We all die

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