Saturday, July 2, 2016


Sitting aside the curb a-nursing coffee and croissants, I can’t help but marvel at couples passing by. Nearly every boy is just-high enough that her head lies smugly in the fit between his face and shoulder. And this inexorably leads me to reminisce about baseballs, how they used to lodge so comfortably in my fingers’ arc, precisely like the exact hyperbole of your remembered breast.

-- Duane Vorhees


  1. Ergonomie

    En reposant sur le trottoir mal-soigne pres des croissants et du cafe, j'admire les couples qui defilent. Presque chaque garcon est assez haute que la tete de sa bien-aimee se situe confortablement dans l'ajustement entre son visage et epaule. Et ceci me mene inexorablement a me rappeler au sujet des baseballs, comment ils logeaient tellement comfortablement dans l'arc de mes doigts, avec precision comme la hyperbole exacte de votre sein retrouve.

    --tr. Alina Duminica & Dorin Popa

  2. Nice!
    The translation has "confortablement" for "smugly". Is this a mistranslation, is "smugly" a typo, or is it just that the near homonym is untranslatable and the choice was made for "snug"?
    --Stephen Evans


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