Monday, July 4, 2016

Anca Mihaela Bruma writes and speaks

Existential Questions 

(J.A.) "What Is Life? Recall your memories! And try to answer! If you can?!..."

(A.M.B.) "What is left
of a soul that slowly
is flickering on the remnants
of its mind and heart?!?

How do I restore
my own Fire
when everything is falling...
...yet growing?

How would I change
the rhythm of my Life
pressed against my own ear?"

(J.A.) "You're still alone..."

(A.M.B.) "How can I be held responsible
for the consequences
when everything
is out of sequence?...

How would I freeze
that moment
which is irreplaceable
and insatiable?...

How would I remove
the sleepless nights
and unspent memories
from the edges of my Being?

How can I cure someone
who falls under the weight of My Heart
so myself... I will not remain unsung?

How many testaments of regrets
shall I write
to someone who has fallen
from the grace of my eyes?

How would I
not let the cadence of my heart
to be taken for granted?..."

(J.A.) "You'll be alone!..."

(A.M.B.) "Each bite and sniff of my Life
reminds me of this fragmented World
and its hypnotic deception!..."

(J.A.)"Where is your LOVE? It's no Time! What do you feel? Pain? Because you spent your Life alone? What is Life? It's a pain, you must endure it!... What is Life? Recall your memories! And try to answer, if you can?!..."
Music and Voice: Johnny Alici (Song: "What Is Life?!...")

 104 -- Farzad Golpayegani 

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